Wall Mounted Pet Doors

Wall Mounted Pet Doors

These pet doors go in your wall and generally require a handyman to install, as it will require drilling or breaking through a solid wall.

Wall-mounted pet doors provide more flexibility in locating the pet door anywhere in your home, compared to the more traditional door-mounted options.

Take a look at our sellection of wall-mounted doors below. We carry top names such as Endura Flap, Hale Pet Door, Plexidor and High Tech Pet.

Note that Plexidor and High Tech Pet even have automatic electronic wall-mount models, which open automatically when your pet approaches.

Note that understanding the thickness and material of your wall is crucial to select the right pet door for in-wall installation. Please get in touch with our team at 1-855-PET-PRO1 or cs@petprosupplyco.com if you need help choosing the best option.

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