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Fantastic kennel

Great color! The front/right door kennels are smidge wider than the single door, but it still fits nicely in the car with partial seats up. The intermediate is perfect for my whippet pup.

Aeolus Pro Electric Lift Grooming Table
Myra J. (Atlanta, GA, US)

High quality and beautifully designed… The table raises and lowers with perfect ease … the perfect table for a grooming needs

Love these products!

I love all the grooming clothes from Loyalty pet products, they are the only clothes I groom in because of how well they repel water, hair, and how durable and comfortable they are. This sports bra is no different then all their other clothing, it performs incredibly. This is actually my 4th one, not that I needed one replaced, just trying to buy one for every working day. 10/10 will be back to buy more again.

Shor-Line Kat Portal Cut Out
Kelly (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Can't wait to install at shelter!

I read online about this awesome portal and how it can literally make the difference between life and death for a shelter pet. My hubby and I are planning to fundraise these to install for the cats at our local shelter. So excited!

Educator ET-300 / 302 Replacement Remote
Vanessa (San Jose, CA, US)
Didn’t connect

Remote did not connect to our collar. With many tries, and many attempts to connect customer service we have not found a solution. Just spent $90 when I could have just bought a whole new package from Amazon again.


How long will it take for my to see is it helping my female doodle!!?

Order Protection
Paul G. (Harrisonburg, VA, US)
Works Great!! Dog loves in/out option with door ajar.

Works just as advertised. Dog learned it was okay to go through very easily with a few treats. I didn't use the training flap at all. Installation was pretty easy. Looks good. Holding up fine after 6 months, so ordering a second for deck door.

Love these shears

Shor-Line Platform for Plastic Cages
RT (Mt. Pleasant, SC, US)
not the right size.

i have shur-line plastic kennels and this does not fit. its says 48" but that's the only measurement you can find.

Aeolus Super Trimmer
Mary l.O. (Chicago, IL, US)
Great little trimmer!

This trimmer is great for trimming feet! I have been looking for a while for this type of trimmer!
Glad I purchased this!

Ruff Land Kennel Single Front Door Dog Crate
Aireal D. (Jacksonville, FL, US)

Came in great condition. I was contacted immediately advised of the delay in shipping and given options because of it. I've bought from the company before and will again. Product and customer service are top notch!

Hi Aireal,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

Not a one person job.

Over all a great product.
The shipping is sketchy. If we did not have a tractor to remove this from the 18wheeler this would have been so much more difficult to unload by hand. Be prepared! It is huge.
We were missing 4 bolts and 16 washers. We ran to tractor supply and got some but would like the proper parts to be sent. Email sent.
The install was fairly simple, and our hog dogs can't push their way out so the doors are solid!

Ruffland XL doble door front/back

Perfect fit! Durable and strong. Very pleased with customers services! Thank you

Ruffland Kennel

The best crate I ever got for my car for my whippet. Fits perfectly in my trunk! The customer service is absolutely amazing and respectful. Out of all the places I have bought things for my dogs online, this place takes the cake customer service, products, and quality. The ruffling kennel came in perfect condition and in perfect time. Please get the Ruffland Kennel and trust the service of pet pro supply!

clipper blades

clipper blades were just what I needed

Prima Salon Bathing System
Monica t. (South Jordan, UT, US)
Clean Dogs!

I love my Prima wash system. I have not found a system that cleans my dogs as well as the Prima. As well as cleaning the dogs well it also saves time in the bathing process and uses less shampoo.
I am so happy with my purchase.

PlexiDor Replacement Spring Kit
Minerva D. (Katy, TX, US)

Great products

Groomer's Best Ultra Durable Tub Floor Grate
Amanda P. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Don't buy

This looked like it was made by a 10 year old. The screws were coming out of the bottom. Just a piece of plastic screwed onto some wood that will rot. The screws were put in unevenly and are out of the wood and splintering. Unsafe and a rip off.

Great locking cover pet doorl

It was exactly what I expected, easy instructions/installation. I really like it. It is not water proof but neither are other doors you have installed, you have to use caulking to seal them to the door as well. Very happy with it.

Great non-slip surface

I can set this up by myself easily and the dogs love it. However, I have two dogs that are over the 100 pound maximum weight. So they don't get to join in the fun.

Solid kennel

The kennel is very solid, easy to keep clean and store. The door doesn’t rattle around and is easy to open. The handle is nice as well, makes it easy to carry. I opted for no vent holes at the bottom but I may reconsider that for my next one as it can get a bit warm in there with just the top holes.

Groomer's Best Electric Grooming Table
Monica t. (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Love this table!!

I love this table. It is so strong and works so well with all size dogs. Make sure you get a good strong arm to work with it.

Bather Box Dog Bathing System
Camp b.w. (Weston, CT, US)
Bather box does its job

Makes baths so much easier.

Parts issues

Great long lasting table. Recently, Shore Line was acquired by Mid Mark now you can't buy parts through them anymore. You must search for a distributor who sells parts. Not an easy task.


This tub has saved my back! I have 7 Aussies to groom. I also groomed a friend's smaller Spaniel and it was awesome to be able to adjust to the different sizes of dogs! Highly recommend!