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No more "Doggy Doorman" duty! Get an automatic pet door from High Tech Pet!

High Tech Pet's Power Pet Door has been the nation's best selling automatic and electronic pet door for over seven years now. The door provides just a superior level of convenience, security and energy efficiency. Your pet wears the electronic collar and when it comes near the door, voila! Open sesame!

Beyond the automatic motorized activation, the door has directional sensing, 4-way access control, AC or battery operation and auto safety retract (crucial!). Additionally, and the ability of the collar to operate other pet activated devices.

Unlike other electronic dog doors that claim to be automatic, the POWER PET door doesn't just unlock when your pet approaches, it automatically opens under its own power, like a power car window - only faster. Pets love it, and so do their owners. Power Pet Fully Automatic Electric pet doors enable your pet to come and go while preventing unwanted animal friends from entering your home.

Key Features

  • Self-framing for doors between 1 1/2" and 2" thick. Wall kit is available as well!
  • Motorized flap lifts for your pet quietly and safely when they are wearing a collar key.
  • Directional sensor system reduces false signals and prevents door opening when pet isn't actually trying to use their pet door.
  • MS-4 Digital Ultra-Sonic Collar Key is water Resistant; one collar key is included and more collar keys can be purchased separately. (MS-5 Waterproof collar key available as upgraded additional collar)
  • Dual Sensors can be separately programmed for distance and also allow for "4-way" locking operation.
  • Flap descends by gravity only and includes a safety retract system in case of an obstacle, so your pet won’t get stuck or hurt.
  • Automatic dead-bolt locking system positively keeps out strays and other critters, including raccoons.
  • Panel includes weather stripping, draft stopper, and dead bolt lock (will not mate with existing sliding lock).
  • 1 year warranty.

For installation and instruction manual, click here.


Power Pet doors are constructed of an ultra-high strength molded ABS composite housing. We invested over one million dollars to create large injection molds designed with high strength geometry that is strong just where it needs to be and flexible where it needs to be. This type of extremely sophisticated mechanical engineering yields a product which is stronger and performs better that metal construction. The moving door panel is made of bullet-proof polycarbonate (sometimes called Lexan), giving you and your pet the ultimate in home security. The automatic dead-bolt locking feature adds a higher level of security to your home than any other pet door. The door panel is mounted on a sliding, air-tight seal for the best wind, rain and foul weather protection and will not leak a breath of air even in hurricane force winds! All this makes the Power Pet door the best insulated and most energy efficient of any pet door made.

In addition to its high strength casing and fully secure door panel, Power Pet doors use an advanced, compact and quiet DC gear-motor drive. The drive is powered by our custom pulse-width-modulated motor control system that allows the motor to open the door very quickly, in about one second with smooth, quiet and cool running operation. There is nothing else like this on the market today.

The Power Pet door's unique ultrasonic sensing system is highly directional meaning that the door panel opens only when your dog or cat is on a direct approach. It is unlikely to open if your pet is just wandering by or if your pet is sitting or sleeping system is digitally keyed to the pet collar. close to the door. Our ultrasonic
Nothing but the collar can open the Power Pet door.


Power Pet doors feature a user-friendly control panel that is easy to understand and use. It gives you full control over the Power Pet door's advanced functions. You can manually open the door panel. Set independent inside and outside activation ranges and gives you Power Pet's unique 4 Way Access system.

Control Panel Functions: So simple and intuitive, it takes just seconds to learn how to operate your Power Pet door.
OPEN BUTTON: Lets You open the door manually.
SENSOR CONTROLS: Allow you to to selectively turn on and off the inside and outside sensors, creating the
4-Way ACCESS SYSTEM: In Only, Out Only, Full In and Out Access, Closed and Locked (no access)
RANGE CONTROLS: Let you adjust the exact distance at which the door will open from both the inside and outside.
POWER LEDs: Tell you whether the door is operating in A.C. or battery mode.
BATTERY INDICATORS: Tell you the charge condition of your optional back-up battery.

Now you may think that you have to cut a big hole in your wall to install a Power Pet Door. You don't . Because the Power Pet door has such a slim profile, it is designed to be surface mounted to your door or wall. That means that the hole you cut is only the size of the door panel, not the entire door casing. Your opening is just the same as that of a conventional flap door and installation is just as easy. There is also an optional wall installation tunnel that makes mounting your Power Pet  door in a wall even quicker and easier than a conventional flap door.

AUTOMATIC CLOSE CONTROL: Your POWER PET PX Features a smart sensing circuit that keeps the door panel open as long as it is receiving the signal from your pet's collar. Once your pet has moved completely through the opening, the panel immediately closes. No need to adjust a manual timer. The POWER PET is smart enough to know exactly when it's time to close

AUTOMATIC SAFETY RETRACT SYSTEM (ASRS): Your Power Pet door is intrinsically safe for all pets and people, including small children. The door panel weighs less than 2 lbs. and is closed smoothly by gravity (not the motor). It is too light to cause any physical injury. However, just to by doubly safe, we've included a unique automatic safety retract feature. This feature causes the panel to instantly retract if it encounters an obstruction during closure. Your intrinsically safe Power Pet door will keep out the flies but it won't hurt them!

CONTINUOUS OPEN FEATURE: You can set your Power Pet door to remain open with our new continuous open feature set on the control panel by entering a keystroke sequence.

The PX-2 Large model is recommended for pets up to 100 lbs. While the PX-1 Medium Model is recommended for pets up to 30lbs. see our Model PX-1 Unit:


Your Pets will love having control of their very own Power Pet fully automatic door. Simply the MOST Advanced, Most Ingenious Pet Door on the Planet!

Power Pet's professionally engineered, state of the art design represents the most advanced, most reliable, most stylish pet door made anywhere. That's why Power Pet is the best-selling pet door in the USA.
Your amazing new Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door will be the most sophisticated appliance your pet will ever Own!


Comes Complete With:
One Pet Transmitter Collar
110 volt AC Adapter
Pre-Fabricated Outside Frame
All Required Hardware

Medium Model PX-1
Unit Width: 12"
Unit Height: 28-5/8"
Pet Opening Width: 8-1/4"
Pet Opening Height: 10"
Depth: 2"
Ship Weight: 13 lbs.
Accommodates Pets up to 30 lbs.
Ships Standard with Water-Resistant MS-4 Ultrasonic Collar
Can upgrade to Waterproof MS-5 Ultrasonic Collar

Large Model PX-2
Unit Width: 16"
Unit Height: 40-5/8"
Pet Opening Width: 12-1/4"
Pet Opening Height: 16"
Depth: 2"
Ship Weight: 18lbs.
Accommodates Pets up to 100lbs.
Ships Standard with Water-Resistant MS-4 Ultrasonic Collar
Can upgrade to Waterproof MS-5 Ultrasonic Collar

Optional Items:
Wall Adapter Tunnel
Rechargeable Battery
Battery Charger Kit
RX-10 Multi-Function Collar (compatible with Power Pet Door, Sound Barrier, Yard Barrier, Radio Mat and Humane Contain Pet Fence System)

Extra Transmitter Collars are sold separately

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kirill B.
Works great! just not in the rain...

Had the product a few weeks now, works great! Wanted the dog to come and go as she pleases until challenges arose. One: power outages without the extra battery are a mess if the dog is outside in 100 degree weather. So be sure to plan for that. Two: any water on the sensor can make it stop working, so if your dog plays in the creeks or goes out in the rain, the sensor may stop working. But just like it says in the manual, once dry, it goes back to working again. Something to pay attention to. Three: the outer door opening does not come with any flaps to prevent rain from coming into the opening. This is not waterproof, even though it's heat and cold resistant. So with a big soak, the rain comes in and the door does nothing to prevent the water from going in the home and in the door and in the walls if you have a wall kit. Woke up to a puddle in the kitchen and caught it just in time before drywall damage started in a brand new home. Wish there were flaps outside to help stop the rain fro simply going through the door. Otherwise a perfectly good door, too bad only 2 sizes at this point. Would have loved to have a size in between this one and the smaller one.

Betsy H.
Great pet door

We’ve had this pet door at 2 homes now and it works perfectly. It keeps unwanted critters out of our home and let’s our dog come and go as he needs. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a quality dog door.

Ted M.
Amazing Product

I am completely satisfied with the Power pet door. It is a wonderful product that works perfectly. It allows myself and my pet freedom.

Chris B.
Five Stars

This was a worthy purchase!

Garry L.
This door is awesome!

We love it and so do our two Wheaten Terriers!!

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