Electrosurgical Units

Electrosurgical Units

In this collection you will find a variety of modern electrosurgical units for today’s veterinary practice, at great price points.

These can be adapted to a variety of surgical environments. They have multiple cut and coagulation settings, being easily programmable for almost any procedure. All of these units are available with an optional safety timeout function, argon beam coagulation, a smoke evaluator, and a suction irrigation module.

We also carry a wide range of electrosurgical accessories for each unit, such as reusable grounding plate cords, dispersive electrodes, bipolar cables, tungsten loop electrodes and more. 

If you are not able to find the exact configuration you are looking for, just call us at 1-855-PET-PRO1 or e-mail us at cs@petprosupplyco.com.

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