Ruff Land Kennels

Ruff Land Kennels

Ruff Land Performance Kennels (previously known as Ruff Tough Kennels) was started by a team of South Dakota dog lovers that happened to own a plastics manufacturing company.

They used rotational molding to craft a dog crate that would be simultaneously super durable, fit better in the back seat of a car or truck, and keep pets safe. They discovered that molding the body of the dog crate in one piece made the outside dimensions smaller and the dog crate stronger. Lo and behold, the soon-to-be-famous Ruff Tough Kennel was born.

They have also added wonderful design features such as double doors, stackability, inserts for coupling the kennels together or tying them down, vent holes, and many others. Their aim was simple: save the crate owner time and money, and offer worry-free security for their furry best friends.

You may have previously seen this brand called Ruff Tuff, Ruff Land, Ruff Tough, Rough Tough, Rough Land, or any other variation – they all still refer to the celebrated Ruff Land Performance Kennels!

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