Owens Dog Boxes

Owens Dog Boxes

Owens makes the most comprehensive line of single, double, and triple dog boxes for the back of your pick-up truck or SUV, as well as top quality police and military style tactical boxes. With or without extra storage compartments, they are made to haul your dogs or your dogs PLUS your equipment in one unit. They also make a knock-down unit that ships to your home easily and inexpensively as well as two build-it-yourself boxes for the handy-man hunter: a two-compartment box and a three-dog box.

K-9 Series Knock-down Models save money on economical UPS shipping but still offer their much sought-after aluminum construction. These models also make compact off-season storage possible.

While boxes without extra storage are the most popular carriers, boxes with storage units offer amazing convenience. Boxes come with three types of storage accessibility: top-loading, from the back, or from the side. Alternatively, choose a slide-out drawer under the dogs for storing all of your gear. Lids are all easily raised and lowered with hydraulics.

All Owens boxes are made of tough diamond tread aluminum with large, LINED dog compartments and lockable, slam latch doors that make dog entry and exit fast and easy. (Locks are all keyed alike.)

New spring-loaded handles on all Pro Hunter, Hunter, and K-9 boxes make maneuvering easier and stop all of the irritating rattling. Corner welding has been improved to perfection. Hemmed edges eliminate the possibility of any dog getting hurt on a rough edge. Rain gutters push water away from storage drawers.

Owens is proudly made in the USA!

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