Aeolus Wall-Mounted Finishing Dryer for Pet Groomers

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The Aeolus wall-mounted finishing dryer is a favorite among salon and mobile pet groomers around the world. It gives the groomer the ability to execute a hands-free fluff drying of their pets while saving space in their salon.. With a nozzle that rotates 360°, groomers find that they can easily position the dryer in any angle, helping them to achieve a beautiful coat on the animal they are grooming.

Each grooming dryer has two adjustable knobs. The first adjusts the wind speed from low to high. The second adjusts the temperature from 77°F to 167°F. The double-layer housing on the heating element prevents this grooming dryer from reaching any risk of overheating.

Along with the power and the heating on/off button, this finishing dryer has a button that helps generate negative ions that aid in containing internal cuticle moisture, taming unruly hair, and straightening curly coats. Negative ions also help in purifying the air and creating a healthier environment for you and the pets you groom.

The Aeolus finishing grooming dryer is practically maintenance-free with a brushless motor. We have provided easy access to the foam mesh filter in the back of the dryer, so you can easily give it a rinse after each business day. This grooming dryer does not require oiling or greasing of internal parts. It is energy efficient and very economic to run, helping you save on your energy bill.

As an added bonus, this grooming dryer is extremely quiet, not going above 40 decimals (the ambient sound of a library), helping reduce noise pollution and aiding in drying animals prone to anxiety.

• color options: Pink, Red, Black, and White
• Power Supply: 110V
• Blow Force: 1HP
• Maximum Speed: 38m/s
• Highest Temperature: 167°F
• Noise: 39.8dbA
• NW: 37lbs
• Arm Extension: 4.5ft
• Negative Ion Concentration: 8 million/cm³

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
T.O. (Sioux Falls, SD, US)
Customer service is horrible

I have purchased two of these in the past year and the heat element failed in both. I tried calling customer service with no luck so sent an email. I got a reply and was told I need to replace the heating element. I asked for two with direction and I would do it myself. A few day later I got two elements without directions. It is not strait forward how to remove the elements without ruining the dryer. I have several request in to the manufacture but no replies.

Maria C. (Fort Myers, FL, US)
Excellent product

We have 4 of these in our salon- they are amazing and our groomers love them. We also have 4 of their stand dryers. Great Products!!

Elizabeth W. (Leonardtown, MD, US)
Great dryer

My groomers just love this dryer. Our grooming area is quite small and this dryer works great. When not in use it folds back out of the way. Would definitely recommend.

Brian T. (Denver, CO, US)
Stand and wall mount dryers

So far we have been very impressed with our new dryers. The Ionic function has been more than we had expected. Very quiet and efficient.

Bel A.G.&.S. (Van Nuys, CA, US)
Wall mounted dryer

I love it !!! it’s very quiet but powerful. I can talk to my assistant while I’m drying a dog . This dryer is good for All my senior animals And skittish dogs clients too!! since it’s so quiet they looks comfortable with this dryer.

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