Lucky Kennels Furniture Crates

Lucky Kennels Furniture Crates

Lucky Kennels' story started in Orillia, Canada, when the owner brought his dog Eli home from a pet shelter.

The shelter sent him home with a couple of toys, treats, and a big wire crate. As any dog owner knows, these crates are a bit of an eyesore, and take up a lot of space! So they searched for something that would look nice while being functional and, of course, comfortable for Eli.

They knew they wanted something that was multi-purpose; somewhere safe and cozy for Eli to relax, but also something with storage or shelving. 

Once they realized how limited the market was, one of the owners drew up a design for a custom dog kennel, went to the hardware store, spent the weekend in the garage, and made their first custom kennel! A few years later, they offer several different designs of fully customizable dog kennels. These are so much more than a dog crate; their kennels are beautiful additions to any room in your home!

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