VetORSolutions ConRad MRI-Safe Thermal Blanket


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Stop Heat Loss & MRI-Safe 

This ConRad Thermal Blanket is designed exclusively for use in MRI. 

The only warming device proven effective in Veterinary MRI and MRI Safe. Clinically proven effective solution to patient heat loss and proven safety. Acts as a barrier to all 3 mechanisms of Heat Loss 

  • Conductive 
  • Convective 
  • Radiant 

Available in Three Sizes:

  • Small (20” x 28”) 
  • Medium (24” x 34”) 
  • Large (28’ x 41”) 

Product Features 

  • Specifically designed for MRI 
  • No MRI signal loss 
  • No RF interference 
  • Proven to be MRI Safe by an International MRI testing laboratory – See Technical Details for test results 
  • Proven effective by clinical studies – See Technical Details for test results Clinically effective when used as designed 
  • Shorter anesthesia recovery times 
  • Simple to use 
  • tested for thermal resistance to be equivalent to an Extreme Cold Weather Polar Suit 


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Customer Reviews

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T. M. (Boston, MA, US)
Excellent product

This is an excellent product that really works well. We used it with a larger animal for almost 2 hours and body temp only fell 1 degree.
Thank you!

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