E-Collar ET-302 2T 2-Dog Mini Educator with 2 Transmitters

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Mini Educator ET-302 2T Two Transmitter 1/2 Mile Remote Dog Training Collar by E-Collar

The E-Collar Mini Educator ET-302 2T is a two dog, 1/2 mile dog trainer that features a multitude of features making it one of the most humane and effective dog trainers available on the market.  This unit is the same as the popular ET-302 Mini, however with two transmitter. This 2T system is great in situations where two transmitter may be needed such as having two people walk a dog.

Humane & Safe - Stress-Free Stimulation

Safe and humane dog training to improve effectiveness and reduce stress on your dog. Educator training collars use the lowest levels of 'blunt' stimulus to improve behavior and reduce the stress of owning a dog. Every Educator dog training collar is built to the highest quality standards and is engineered to withstand extreme environmental dog training conditions. We fully assemble each Educator dog training collar and test all of our products in the USA.

Control of Stimulation (COS)

Our advanced COS (Control Of Stimulation), employed with all Educator dog training collars, provides the owner the ability to finely tune the stimulation level for all the different temperaments of dogs. Dogs properly trained with Educator collars typically never vocalize discomfort, jerk their heads or experience the fear of the training collar commonly found with imported shock collars. The stimulation dial can be adjusted from level 0 to 100 easily and safely, without the risk of over stimulation. The 'lock and set' feature allows the user to lock in the best stimulation level.

Boost Stimulation if Needed

The boost level can be set anywhere from 1 and 60 on most E-Collar products for situations where you absolutely need to get your dog's attention.

Regular and Boost Stimulation

Pavlovian Tone

An exciting new feature is Pavlovian Tone. When the button is held down, the dog first hears a 1½ second tone, followed by stimulation, unless the button is released. Dogs quickly learn to associate the tone with a stimulation and soon respond to the tone itself.

Ergonomic Design

With its ergonomic 'stopwatch' design, you don’t even have to look at the transmitter, allowing you to watch your dog at all times. The transmitter also controls a tracking light which allows the user to flash or continuously light up the training collar receiver for locating a dog after dark. A beeper can be turned on to help locate a lost transmitter. The waterproof transmitter even floats, so don’t worry if you drop it in the lake. The convenient night blue LCD displays used on all Educator products provide the user an easy way of knowing the stimulation level in all conditions

Night Tracking Light for Night Time Use

The E-Collar transmitter  can control a tracking light on the collar that allows the user to continuously light up or flash the collar to locate your dog at night. A beeper can be activated to also locate a lost transmitter. The night blue LCD displays that all E-Collar transmitters feature provide the user a clear understanding of what stimulation level the collar is currently using in all conditions. Transmitter is also completely waterproof!

Educator ET-302 2T Mini Features

  • 1/2 Mile Range
  • 100 Levels of stimulation that is dial adjustable with a lock and set feature
  • Tapping Sensation option which is non stimulating
  • Tone Option
  • LCD Transmitter Display on remote
  • Low Battery Indicators on both transmitter and receiver
  • Li-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries (2 hour for full Charge)
  • Lost Transmitter Recovery Function
  • LED Collar Light (Remote Activated)
  • Transmitter and collar are waterproof
  • Long lasting durable Biothane Collar Strap
  • Able to be expandable to a Two Dog System
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Mini Educator E-Collar Features

The Educator ET-302 2T Includes

  • Two Collar Receivers
  • Two Transmitters
  • One 3/4” x 30” Biothane Collar (Can Be Cut to Size)
  • Two Sets of Contact Points (3/4” and 5/8”)
  • A Contact Point Removal Tool
  • Dual Battery Charger
  • Lanyard for the E-Collar ET-302 Remote
  • Owner's Manual for instructions and training information
  • Storage Box for Remote and Collar

Educator ET-302 2T Mini Dimensions

  • Collar Receiver measures 2.0” x 1.5" x 1.1”, 2.4 oz.
  • Biothane Collar Strap measures 3/4” x 30”, 1.46 oz. (Can be Cut to Size)
  • Both transmitters measure 2.64” Diameter, 1.29” Thick and 3.4 oz.

Made in the USA

All E-Collar Dog Training Collars are built under the highest quality standards and tested to withstand the most extreme dog training conditions. Fully assembled and tested in the USA! 

Click Here for the ET-302 Owner's Manual for full details.

The Mini Educator ET-302 2T Includes a Two (2) Year Warranty

All E-Collar Technologies collars are covered by a two year warranty from the manufacturer. The manufacturer warrants that all collars are free of defects and will provide replacements for any defective products. 


E-Collar Shipping Times

E-Collar items ship out within 1-3 business days of your order from Garrett, Indiana.

Please reference the map below to estimate the number of days your item will take to arrive to your location.

E-Collar Shipping Times

The Mini Educator ET-302 Includes a Two (2) Year Warranty

All E-Collar Technologies collars are covered by a two year warranty from the manufacturer. The manufacturer warrants that all collars are free of defects and will provide replacements for any defective products. 

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