TK Kennels

TK Kennels

TK Products designs and creates high quality dog kennels and dog pens that are built to last. The precision engineering in their products is matchless.

Over the years raising English Setters in West Michigan, the founders of TK Kennels saw no brand of kennels could really hold up to normal use for more than a few years before they rusted out or just fell apart. When contacting the suppliers of these brands, their excuse was that "a few years was the normal life expectancy for their products" and that it was normal to just replace kennels frequently.

In response, TK has built precision-engineered kennels with attention to details that other manufacturers ignore, leading to much longer-lasting products. Take a look at the product description for any of these kennels and you will see.

Multiple kennels can be configured to fit together into any size or shape space. For help in doing this and for a precise fit, please contact our team at or call us at 1-855-PET-PRO1.

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