The BuddyRest story started years ago, with the owner’s dog Buddy. One day at a routine visit to the vet, they warned him that Buddy was going to suffer from stiff, painful joints and live a shorter life than other dogs. He told him that big dogs like Buddy live on average 4 years less than smaller dogs - frequently due to conditions such as arthritis and joint problems.

At that time, the owner was working in the mattress industry and he knew how important support was to the body. He had seen it first-hand how pressure-free support had changed the lives of numerous people.

In order to create truly orthopedic dog beds, they consulted world-class veterinarians to ensure their beds were at the cutting-edge of sleep science and technology and they sourced the most advanced, high-end materials that offer superior comfort and durability, eliminate odor, and repel stubborn stains and spills. 

Nowadays, their beds are designed to improve the lives of animals. BuddyRest is the only company with a true science-based approach to manufacturing effective pressure relieving orthopedic dog beds, calibrated to really work.

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