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You and any other passengers wear seatbelts when in a car. If you have a child, he or she probably has a car seat. When you bring your dog along with you, you may have him or her on a leash, a special seat belt, or you might just let him ride in the back of the car with no protection at all. If that’s the case, then you might want to learn more about the crash tested dog travel crate—the Variocage. This creation by MIM Construction is the only one of its kind in the market. There are numerous kinds of travel crate for dogs, but you probably haven't come across an actual crash tested dog crate. Having a Variocage in your vehicle will be the best decision you will make as it can one day save your dog’s life and maybe even your life as well.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friends, and if you are a parent of a fur child, then you probably know what it’s like to love your dog. You would do anything to make sure that he or she is properly fed, groomed at all times, comfortable with a soft and clean bed and happy with his own toys. If you frequently travel with your dog, even if you’re just taking him to the vet or a drive to the park, then you may already have a dog travel crate in your car. If you think this is enough to keep your dog safe, then that’s where you've got it wrong. You need a Variocage crash tested dog travel crate to ensure the safety of your dog while in transit.

Definitely one of the most intelligently created dog travel crates in the market; the Variocage has undergone crash tests by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden for frontal and rear collisions as well as a drop test. It is constructed with high-quality steel that is strong enough to retain its shape yet flexible to absorb impact. With every part of this crash tested dog travel crate tested and crafted to perfection, its creators ensured that nothing in the Variocage can hurt your beloved pup.

Another great feature of the Variocage its depth adjustment feature. If you have more than one vehicle and would need to transfer the travel dog crate from one car to another, fitting it in won’t be a problem. Furthermore, these crash tested dog crates can be locked with a key. Worry not because it has an escape hatch in case you lose your keys or if you have trouble opening the door after an accident. It is also completely silent so you won’t have to worry about annoying rattling noises when driving.

Especially if you go on long trips with your dog frequently, you must definitely have a Variocage crash tested dog travel crate in your car at all times!

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