Which Vacuums Are The Best At Picking Up Dog Hair? - Pet Pro Supply Co.

When it comes to your grooming business, keeping a clean workspace is paramount. You know this. Aside from leaving a good impression with your customers, keeping a clean workspace promotes a healthy environment for the pets you are grooming and also keeps you healthy, eliminating the risk of respiratory issues loose hair and dander can cause.

To keep your business clean and looking its best, a top-of-the-line vacuum system is absolutely crucial.. At PetProSupplyCo we carry a wide range of vacuums to serve any groomer’s needs and budgets. Here are three of our favorites:

Double K Challengair 2000PV Animal Vacuum & Dryer

This dryer plus vacuum from Double K is known for being extremely quiet. It has a large, heavy-duty bag for your  convenience, as you can wait longer to need to empty it. The unit vacuums away loose hair, dirt, and dust as you brush.

The vac also quickly converts to shop vac, auto vac, or a powerful blower to clean areas all around the shop or mobile grooming vehicle. It also comes with eight versatile attachments.


Metrovac Vac N Blo Large Animal Dryer & Vacuum

Portable and lightweight, the Vac N Blo is a large animal dryer and vacuum that will help you cut your grooming time in half. Using the included shoulder strap, this vacuum system is fantastic for groomers that do house calls or offer mobile grooming.

No other vacuum-blower combo is as portable and versatile. You can use it as a blower to blow off the dust on animals or to dry animal coats. You can also use it as a vacuum to suck up dirt, dandruff, and loose hair. It's great for cleaning debris on and around your animals too. Its super suction gets down deep to remove unwanted dirt and even parasites.




Metrovac Vac N Blo On Wheels Large Animal Dryer & Vacuum

Like the Metro Vac N Blo, but want something that is a little more portable for your grooming salon? You need to check out this version of the vac that includes an attached dolly with wheels. Use the dolly to wheel the vac around your salon with ease.

It also comes with a large capacity cloth bag and a multitude of accessories, including an air concentrator, air flare, groomer rake, and 3 comb attachments to choose from.

This Large Animal Vac N Blo is solidly built for continuous heavy-duty operation.

The Right Vacuum Makes All The Difference

Grooming vacuums are not cheap; we know they are a meaningful investment for your business and we know that picking the right vacuum is an important decision.

If you have questions about our vacuums and want to discuss your needs in more detail, please contact our customer service department. We have been serving groomers for years and are happy to answer any questions you may have!