Lakeside Magnabox - Whelping Boxes at Pet Pro Supply Co.

Anyone that has had a puppy knows that while it’s exhilarating and fun to have your fuzzy new friend in the house, it’s also worrisome as so many things can happen to them. You’re in and out of the house all the time and you can’t leave your pup totally unattended. The problem is too much time cooped up in a crate isn’t ideal for dogs of any age. They need time to play with their toys and move around. Puppy whelping boxes are an excellent alternative to prevent "over-crating."

Lakeside MagnaBox Whelping Box

When your puppy is just born, its safety is your biggest concern. Our line of Lakeside whelping boxes protects puppies by containing them, helping to keep them warm and also avoids the danger of accidental smothering by the mother.

The best part is that it is simple to clean and keep clean. Manufactured from FDA-approved HDPE plastic, our whelping boxes are UV-resistant and will not rust, stain or discolor. These boxes are also much more sanitary. Unlike wood and other plastic whelping boxes, the MagnaBox whelping box has no cracks, crevices, porous or painted surfaces to retain contamination. 

The solid material features unique hook and slot connectors that make it easy to put together and take apart. If you want to take apart the box to clean it, it will slide apart in minutes, allowing you to fully clean it to your satisfaction.

Putting it back together is just as easy. The box does not require any tools to assemble. Simply align, insert, and slide into position the unique hook and slot joints in the corners and the puppy rails. The puppy rails are self-supporting so there are no legs or supports to trap and endanger puppies. Once assembled, the MagnaBox whelping box can be lifted as a single unit and is easy to relocate.

The MagnaBox whelping box has a 'no bottom' design which allows for your choice of whelping pads, heaters or alternate flooring.


Turn The Box Into A Playpen When Your Puppy Gets Older

Another great feature the MagnaBox offers is that its design also allows it to be used as aplaypen. The playpen attachment attaches to the front of the MagnaBox; it is similar in size to the MagnaBox and doubles the containment area.

A puppy playpen helps your pup’s developing muscles and joints become stronger. A dog exercise pen also encourages your pup to develop independence and confidence. It’s important for them to learn that they don’t need to be with you 24/7. Puppy pens give you and your dog peace of mind.

To discuss your particular whelping box needs or for help figuring out a configuration for a puppy playpen that will work best for you, contact our customer service team anytime!