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HoverHeat is the only forced air warming system that provides true under-body warming. With its proprietary internal components, HoverHeat provides a cushion of heated air to warm under and over the body - something not previously possible with forced-air warming! 

  • The most Complete patient air warming system ever 
  • True under and over body warming with one warm air blower 
  • Use any warm air blower 
  • Use for surgical, dental, endoscopy, and imaging procedures 
  • Use for Pre-op, Intra-op, and Post-op warming 

Available in Three Sizes: 

  • Small (29” X 14”) 
  • Medium (35” X 17”) 
  • Large (40” X 20”) 

Product Features 

HoverHeat’s proprietary internal components provide a cushion of heated air to warm the underbody - something not previously possible with forced-air warming! 

Two HoverHeat units can be connected in series with the HoverHeat connector, to provide under AND over-body warming with one warm air blower. 

  • Increases the warming capacity of your warm air blower by 50 to 75 percent. The largest surface area of the body can now be warmed. 
  • Directs airflow away from the surgical field. 
  • No more disposable air-warming blankets needed. 
  • Small, Medium, and Large sizes to accommodate any animal and any procedure. How does it work? 
  • Levitates the patient by its proprietary internal components 
  • Low resistance warm airflow underneath the patient 

Dynamic surface patient cushioning

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