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Petique's Instant Odor Eliminator X+ is so powerful and extremely safe for your pets and the whole family! Tough stains and smells are a thing of the past! Petique’s non-toxic Instant Odor Eliminator X+, from the Eco-System Collection, concentrated formula works with nature. Activated by light, it easily and completely neutralizes and gets rid of  the toughest odors and stains on multiple surfaces: carpets, furniture, litter boxes, kennels, all pet living and sleeping areas, and more! This powerful photocatalyst technology is safe to use around pets and children, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean!


  • Green chemistry concentrated formula – Photocatalyst formula that tackle stains and odors at their root to clean and neutralize
  • Pet Safe - Leaves surfaces safe for your pets to keep on playing without any worry about harmful chemicals or toxins
  • Multiple Uses - Can be used on carpets and tile; combats cat odor in litter boxes, removes pet odor in the yard and kennel surfaces; ammonia and methane odors, and anywhere else pet odor waste is a problem
  • No artificial scents
  • No harsh chemicals, no masking fragrances, and no harmful ingredients



Spray directly onto affected surface for instant odor elimination.


On carpet and other soft materials, leave in for maximum effect. On hard surfaces, wipe off residual moisture.


Mist into surrounding air to instantly eliminate residual odors.

Care Instructions

Storage: Do not place in direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. Good for 6 months after opening. 


Concentrated composite titanium dioxide, sodium carbonate, citric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, purified water.


Inner Box: 3.27" x 2.13" x 9.25"

Bottle: 3" x 1.23" x 9.25"

10 FL OZ

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