Loyalty Pet Products “Winter Is Coming” 2 pc Shear Set With Matching Shear Case + Gifts

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“Winter Is Coming – Be Prepared.”

This limited edition 2 piece set features a 8″ straight and an 8″ curve shear set made from handcrafted 420c steel. In all transparency and honesty, as we strive to be with our amazing customers, We normally only produce Japanese 440c steel, but in order for us to keep costs down on these extremely limited edition shears, we had to drop down the steel level. Still sharp, the 420c steel blades will dull a bit faster, but still a solid cut.  The handles feature a stellar pattern with a special glimmer added to it in a complicated secondary process to add that special feature all on its own.

What you get:

  • 8″ Eternal Love Skulls Curved Shear
  • 8″ Eternal Love Skulls  Straight Shear
  • Limited Edition Matching Shear Case – Every Set Purchase
  • Dragon Stencil (while supplies last)**
  • Beautiful Dragon Rhinestone and Enamel Brooch (while supplies last)**
  • Designer Ring (while supplies last)**
  • Tumbler (While Supplies Last) **
  • Special Loyalty Keychain – EVERY set purchase


-Clean Shears Daily (or between each groom): Clean with a soft cloth and alcohol to gently remove any product and hair.

-Oil shears weekly (Check shear lubrication every couple days): Simply open shears to a 90 degree to check the pivot point. If need, drop a small amount on the joint and move blades. Wipe away access.

-Store in a cool and low humid space. Keep in a safe space away from risk of falling or being hit against hard objects. Eternal

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