Groomers Helper PROFESSIONAL Pet Grooming Positioning and Safety System Set

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Set: Professional Set
Clamp Type: Standard Side Clamps

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Best Dog Grooming Tool

The Ultimate Safety & Positioning System in the industry. Used by more professional groomers than any other comprehensive control system.

This is the complete set, recommended by expert top groomers and the top grooming schools around the world. It is the best dog grooming tool and all you will ever need to handle most dogs and cats.


  • (2) Groomers Helper® Starter Sets
  • (2) Table Clamps
  • (2) Mini Arms and the Training Video.

Stop Struggling and groom hands-free! Stop the biters! No more head-droppers and no more spinners! One person can do most nail clips and you will wonder how you ever groomed without it. Significantly reduces injuries to both pets and groomers alike!

Includes everything you need to safely position a dog on the grooming table. You can prevent dogs from sitting, face them away from the grooming arm for better top knots and beards, and position them in a tri-tie for face work. This tool revolutionizes the way grooming is done.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Warranted for life. You have nothing to lose but the day to day struggle!

The Groomers Helper® Professional allows you to use the No-Sit feature and the cross-tie feature.


*Groomers Helper® Professional Set does not include grooming table, grooming arm or the main arm clamp. 


Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned professional looking for the best dog grooming tool, the Groomers Helper® can make a huge difference. Out of all the dog grooming tools on the market, Groomers Helper® is the only one that is scientifically designed to calm dogs down, allow you to groom hands free, and reduces the bite radius by 90%.



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Why do I need a Groomers Helper?

Earn More Income

If you could groom more efficiently, then you could do more grooms per day and therefore earn more money per day.

Additonal revenues generated yearly by being able to groom more dogs in the same amount of time:

Groom 1 Extra
Groom 2 Extra
Groom 3 Extra

Consider this, if the Groomers Helper® allows you to groom just one more dog a day at an average of $40/dog. That’s an extra $200/week, $10,400/year and over a 20 year period that’s $192,000!


If you groom 4-8 pets per day by yourself you need an extra pair of hands. Let’s average that to 6 per day.

Therefore, 6 pets/day, 5 days/week – that equals 30 pets/week, which is 1500 pets/year.

Divide $124.95(retail cost of Groomers Helper®), by 1,500 and you get $ 0.083 per grooming or about 67 cents/day. Is that cost worth it to be safer and less stressed? That’s just $3.35/week to groom stress free, hands free, etc.

That’s only one person! If you have multiple groomers it just gets better from there. At $40 extra a day the helper will pay for itself in less than 4 days.

Forget groomer burnout, workman’s comp claims, costly visits to the vet because an employee overly struggled with the pet and the groomer or the pet was hurt. Those issues will be greatly reduced.


Installing And Using The Groomers Helper®



STEP 1. Place the Groomers Helper® Clamp around your grooming arm and tighten it at the appropriate height. NOTE: The Groomers Helper® Clamp has been designed to fit square and round grooming arms from 3/4″ to 1″. The tether (rope) should face the pet and the adjusting knob should face you. If you are right handed the slide button should be to your right. Left handed the slide button should be on your left.

STEP 2. Attach the Groomers Helper® Loop to the pet. The loop should fit snugly around the neck. Use the stainless steel cam lock to size down the loop to the back of the pet’s neck. You should be able to get two fingers between the loop and the pet’s neck. In the event of an emergency such as a seizure you may release the pet immediately by using the quick release buckle on the loop.

STEP 3. Spin the loop around and connect it to the top of the grooming arm.

STEP 4. Attach the tether to the D-Ring on the Groomers Helper® Loop.

STEP 5. Adjust the arm’s height so that the pet is standing normally with just a little slack. You can now pull the tether (rope) in gently, bringing the pet closer to the arm and lock the slide button when you reach the desired distance from the grooming arm. The Groomers Helper® pulls the loop away from the pet’s trachea, eliminating choking.

NOTE: At first, use with a calm pet so you can become acquainted with your Groomers Helper®. You may develop a rapport with them by gently pulling in the tether. You will feel that they are pulling back, which is their natural instinct. Let them pull back and think they won the “Tug-of-War” before you lock the tether. They usually calm down after the second or third “win” and you are now playing with them. It is easy to now make friends. Most pets respond favorably and calm down when they realize they are in restraints and not fighting you. As the pet calms down you may release more and more, until almost no restraint is needed. For general grooming let the pet just relax with slack in the tether. Only enough slack so they cannot chew the tether.


Reduce The Chances Of Being Bitten

If you think the pet might be a biter use the technique outlined below:

  1. Pull the tether (rope) through the Groomers Helper® clamp all the way.
  2. Open the quick release buckle on the loop.
  3. Face the pet away from you while the pet is sitting on the grooming table and sling the loop over the pet’s head from behind them and reconnect the quick release buckle behind the pet’s head.
  4. Attach the tether (rope on the Groomers Helper® clamp) to the “D” ring on the loop behind the pet’s head.
  5. Swivel the loop around the pet’s neck toward the arm so the “D” ring with the attached tether is positioned by the pet’s throat.
  6. While holding the large swivel eye bolt snap on top of the loop slide the stainless steel cam-loc down to the back of the neck and snap closed. Remember to allow for at least two fingers between the loop and the pet’s neck.
  7. Attach the swivel bolt snap to the eye at the top of the grooming arm and adjust the arm’s height so that the pet is standing normally with just a little slack. Never hang the pet with a tight loop!
  8. You can now pull the tether (rope) in gently bringing the pet closer to the arm and lock the slide button when you reach the desired distance from the grooming arm.

**Your hands should never be in front of the pet’s muzzle to be bitten.


Using The Different Pet Positioning Options

  • FIRST POSITION: For general grooming so the pet cannot hang himself. Also the pet cannot back off, jump off, fall off, or tip the table over. You are now grooming hands free. You can do nails with one groomer on most dogs. No more spinners.
  • SECOND POSITION: By putting the Groomers Helper® by the muzzle of the pet they cannot drop their heads so de-matting the chest and legs is much easier. No more head-droppers.
  • THIRD POSITION: By putting the Groomers Helper® above the dogs head you can now quickly muzzle the dog to remove a matt or eye debris.
  • NO GROOMING ARM: The no grooming arm in front for better top knots and better beards is attained with the extra arm and clamp set.
  • TRI-TIE POSITION: The Tri-tie position needs the extra clamp and arm set and another Groomers Helper®. No more head bobblers.
  • NO-SIT POSITION: By mounting the arm and clamp at the opposite end of the table, you can now put the Groomers Helper® around the dogs waist as shown. Now the dog is unable to sit and there is minimal equipment that gets in the way.

Advanced positioning: The no grooming arm in front position for better top knots and beards is attained with the extra arm and clamp set. In the secured to the arm position you may secure the pets head to one side of the grooming arm allowing you to be protected on the other side for cleaning and plucking ears, dematting beards on pets with no muzzle and you can do the nails on the toughest of dogs. This is usually a two-person operation. The tri-tie position for the elderly, blind and deaf dogs. No more head bobblers. This position needs the extra clamp & arm set and a second Groomers Helper®

The Cat Cross-tie position is attained with the extra clamp and arm set. Never put the loop around the cat’s neck. You may attach the loop either around the chest behind the front legs or over one shoulder and under the other arm. Clamp the grooming loop to the extra clamp and cat crosstie arm positioned on the opposite end of the table from the main grooming arm. Bring the Groomers Helper® down to the table deck so the slide button still operates. You can now hook the tether to the “D” ring on the loop. Open up the quick release and you are ready to crosstie the cat flat on the table so you do not have to scruff him at all times.


Groomers Helper Positioning (See Pictures)

First Position

Groomers Helper 1st Position

This is the position for general grooming so the pet cannot hang himself. Also the pet cannot back back off, jump off, fall off, or tip the table over. You are now grooming hands free. You can do nails with one groomer on most dogs. No more spinners.

Second Position

Groomers Helper 2nd Position 

By putting the Groomers Helper by the muzzle of the pet, they cannot drop their head so de-matting the chest and legs is much easier. No more head droppers.

Third Position

 Groomers Helper 3rd Position

By putting the Groomers Helper®above the dogs head you can now quickly muzzle the dog to remove a mat or eye debris.

Third Position

 Groomers Helper No Grooming Arm Position

The no grooming arm in front for better top knots and better beards is attained with the extra arm and clamp set in the Professional Set.

Tri-Tie and No- Sit Positions

 Groomers Helper Tri-Tie and No-Sit Positions

The Tri-Tie and No-Sit Positions require the extra arm and clamp set and the second Groomers Helper®. No more "head bobblers" and no more "sitters".

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Groomers Helper 2 - 3 days Margate, NJ
H20 For Fitness 30-40 days Fort Wayne, IN
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Ideal Pet Products 5 - 7 days Santa Clarita, CA
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K9 Sport Sack 7 - 10 days Orem, Utah
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Laube 1 - 2 days Ankeny, IA
LennyPads 2 - 7 days Des Moines, IA
Lister 1 - 2 days Ankeny, IA
Little Cottage Co 20 - 28 days Millersburg, OH
Loyalty Pet Products 7 - 10 days Punta Gorda, FL
Lucky Dog 7 - 10 days North Plains, OR
Lucky Kennels 90 - 120 days Orillia, Canada
Metrovac 8 to 10 weeks Oakland, NJ
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MIM 3 - 5 days Grandview, MO
New Age Pet 3 - 5 days Hayward, CA
Orion 18 - 21 days Sparta, TN
Oster 1 - 2 days Ankeny, IA
Owens 80 - 90 days Sturgis, MI
Patio Pacific 2 -3 days San Luis, CA
Petique 2-3 days Ontario, CA
Pet Wellbeing 5 - 7 days McDonough, GA
PetLift 20 - 28 days Bradenton, FL
PetSafe 5 - 7 days Bates City, MO
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PolyPet Tubs 28 - 35 days Peekskill, NY
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Precision Pet 5 - 7 days Bates City, MO
Premier1 1 - 2 days Ankeny, IA
Prima 2-3 days Newberg, OR
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Quick Track 5 - 7 days Arab, AL
Quiring Monuments 15 - 17 days Kent, WA
Rhino 30 - 40 days Adelanto, CA
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Ruffland 16 to 20 weeks Tea, SD
Shor-Line 16 to 24 weeks Kansas City, KS
ShowGear 1 - 2 days Ankeny, IA
Solvit 5 - 7 days Bates City, MO
Speedy Dryer 5 - 7 days Nanticoke, PA
TK Products 30 - 40 days Allegan, MI
Ultrasite 10 - 12 days Red Bud, IL
VELAB 1-2 days Pharr, TX
Veterinary Warming Solutions 1 - 2 days Salem, OR
Vetlift 20- 28 days Bradenton, FL
VetRay 30 - 32 days Niles, IL
Vets Best 20 - 28 days Brandon, SD
Wagz 5 - 7 days Bates City, MO
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lynn (Westfield, MA, US)
Must have

Groomers Helper Pro set is a must have for any groomer . I know the initial investment is over the top but the time saved from not wrestling with fidgety dogs and the comfort knowing they're safely secured on the table is worth the $400. I'm not a big dog salon with a bazillion clients. I groom a few dogs a month so this was a hit to my back account. But I'm so pleased with the product, I wish I bit the bullet sooner.

Penny R. (Canton, MI, US)
Helpful product

I finally broke down and bought the Groomer’s Helper Pro for my salon. I love it. It helps especially with biting dogs and is great for dogs that like to walk off table.

Judy i.P. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
Getting accustomed

It seems like this can work very well, but I just received it and learning to use it. My two small dogs fought it the first time, but they are also getting accustomed to a new system. They cannot slip out of the new loop, like they did with the worthless old loop. I feel more confident grooming and look forward to higher success, as I become more accustomed to the system. Wish there were better instructions on equipment set up.

J P. (Sugar Land, TX, US)
Very pleased

Love my groomers helpers pro set! Going to buy two more! very good quality!

Samantha (Jonesboro, GA, US)
Getting it right

I'm still learning to use it. I've ordered me a different arm for my table to see if that helps. I have small dogs and one that is very hard to groom. I've had to medicate and muzzle to get him done so I ordered this mainly for this one. I haven't tried it with him yet. So once I get the hang of it it'll probably work great

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