Blue-9 KLIMB Traction Mat

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The rubber dog training mat that ensures more traction.

While the Blue-9 KLIMB already has built-in PawGrip™, some training activities and routines require even more traction. That’s why Blue-9 developed a perfect-fit rubber dog training mat that can be placed on top of your KLIMB platform to ensure a slip-free surface.

Made in the USA with all-natural rubber, this traction mat is UV-stabilized to protect from the sun and it can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Customer Reviews

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J. (Hampton, VA, US)
Don't forget to buy the Klimb Platform Traction Mat!

When I bought my first Klimb Platform last fall, I really debated about buying the Traction Mat for use with it, But with both large and small dogs using the platform, it made sense to keep them from skidding or having a bad experience on the table. As soon as I opened the shipping package and started using the Traction Mat on the Platform, I knew that I had made the right decision! Since I was training an 8 week old Golden Retriever as well as a 3 year old fearless Yorkshire Terrier who has no sense of size, I was very glad that both dogs were benefitting from the Traction Mat. Neither of them slipped and slid if they were coming in from outside with moist paws. And they had solid footing when they moved from the platform to another level. So when I decided to buy a second platform as an early Christmas gift for all of us, I got the Traction Mat as part of the same order without a hesitation.
The mat itself has a good weight to it and it tends to adhere to the top of the naked platform surface because of it - I have never had a dog slide on it. It is also custom fit to the platform so there is no chance of curled edges. My 8 week old puppy is now a 6 mo old and he is still happily running to jump on the Platform for his exercises when he comes in the room to train/play because he is confident of his sure footing, thanks to that Traction Mat. It is also easy to either vacuum or wash when formerly muddy paws leave dirt behind.
So no matter whether you are training with large or small dogs, I would definitely recommend buying the Traction Mat at the same time!

Linda L.S. (Steilacoom, WA, US)
Wonderful Teaching Product!!!

I purchased the Klimb with the mat for training my Pointing Labrador Retriever based on my trainer's recommendation and it's a wonderful training tool!!!

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