Pure Love and Harmony is a dog shampoo and conditioner combo providing pet owners with a gentle and safe option free of synthetic dyes, perfumes, parabens, and detergents.

Developed by Sasha Riess, a 30-year veteran of the grooming industry.




Many owners want to bathe their dogs at home, but are unsure about which products are safe and suitable for their dogs. Due to the synthetic fragrances used in lots of grooming products today, dogs may have allergic reactions and skin irritations can occur. In fact, many products (if not most) contain synthetic dyes, perfumes, parabens, and detergents. Not only can these chemicals be irritating to the dog’s skin and eyes, but also to the skin of the pet owner. Allergies to these fragrances can be expressed internally on the liver and other organs as well, causing real damage.

Beyond the chemistry itself - for many owners, the home bathing process is a chaotic, stressful and messy task they are reticent to take on. In some cases, the task is so stressful to owners that it results in dogs being abandoned or even returned to shelters.

Pure Love and Harmony allows pet owners to incorporate a holistic bathing/cleaning routine with complete certainty of the purity of the ingredients used in their pet's care.

These products contain high amounts of mineral rich spring water, which when combined with the high concentration of antioxidants from ingredients such as jojoba, allow the active ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin and coat more deeply. The formula is "tearless" and designed with fast rinse and fast drying in mind.

The shampoo (Pure Love) and conditioner (Harmony) are available in different sizes to accommodate your grooming needs.





About Sasha:

Sasha Riess is one of the world's foremost experts on dog grooming and, more broadly, the human-dog relationship. Sasha has been a groomer for over 25 years and today trains more than 3,000 groomers each year around the world. Check out Sasha's site at SashaRiess.com for more tips and product recommendations. If you are a groomer, check out the Sasha Riess Grooming Collection here at Pet Pro Supply Co.