We are currently experiencing issues with certain products from our manufacturer, Edemco. Due to several equipment warranty issues and a few recent quality control issues, we recommend purchasing these specific Edemco products with some caution.

However, due to brand loyalty, we still have some customers adamant on purchasing Edemco Products.

If you still choose to purchase and keep an Edemco product, you must agree to the following Edemco Purchase & Return Terms.

  • For all Edemco Returns, since Edemco products are shipped directly from the manufacturer, any returns must be shipped back to the manufacturer.
  • All original packaging must be kept up to 90 days after receiving the product. The packaging including any pallets, crates, and boxes. This packaging will be required to repackage the product if it needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer.
  • Pet Pro Supply Co., will assist with obtaining a return label for the the return of the product(s). However, it may take days or weeks for Edemco to provide a label. Pet Pro Supply Co. will not be responsible for any packaging or return costs.
  • For any returns where there are no issues or damages to the product, there will be up to a 25% restocking fee, not including the cost of return shipping.

Alternatively, we do carry many other brands of extremely high quality grooming equipment. Specifically, we have several other product lines we would like to recommend in place of Edemco products:

Grooming Equipment (Tables and Tubs):

Cage Banks