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It seems like every day we hear about the latest incident where a pet owner has left their furry friend in a car that was either too cold or too hot. Or maybe you've heard the horror stories about pets who were maimed in a seemingly minor accident because they were not properly restrained. Instead of waiting for the next heartbreaking news story, it is best to safeguard against these kind of occurrences.

Pet safety in motor vehicles is very important, yet it is constantly overlooked by pet owners who are unaware of the consequences their actions can have on their trusted companions. Even the most insignificant fender bender could lead to serious injury for a dog who is not inside of a crash proof crate.

Many pet owners make the mistake of assuming that it's other owners who are negligent, and that they won't commit the same errors that lead to the injury or loss of their pets. Unless you take the necessary steps to safeguard your animals, you could be placing them in harm's way, without even realizing it.

Even if you are a safe driver, there is no guarantee as to whether the people you share the road with have the same philosophy. That's why it pays to secure your pet's safety with a seat belt harness, at the very least. This is the bare minimum if you want to protect your pet while on the road.

Crash tested dog crates, however, are the best line of defense. A heavy duty dog crate is much needed, especially for owners who wish to equip their pet with the same safety that they enjoy on a consistent basis. A dog travel crate gives you the opportunity to bring your beloved friend with you on all of your vacations and even the short trips around the corner.

While a seat belt harness is a start, the extra-large dog crate picks right where the harness leaves off. If you wish to ensure the safest of travels for both you and your dog, then a crash tested dog crate is the way to go. These heavy duty dog crates are able to withstand any possible accident and keep man's best friend from sustaining any serious injuries.

The Variocage Crash Tested Dog Travel Crates are the top of the line when it comes to pet safety. These dog crates are the only ones on the market that have passed tests using the strictest of government standards. There is a crate available, no matter the size your pet is. A dog travel crate like the Variocage is one of a kind and allows you to bring your pet along on your travels, without requiring any sort of modification to your vehicle. In the world of pet travel safety, the MIM Variocage is second to none, and it is the only dog crate you will ever need to keep your dog safe.

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