Why Buy From Pet Pro Supply Co.?

If you have money to spend on premium pet supplies, lots of companies are competing for your business. Huge corporates like Amazon and Wayfair, small “solopreneur” dropship operations, big box retail stores, your neighborhood pet store – they all want your money.

Below we outline why you should choose Pet Pro Supply Co.

1. Better Pricing

2. Better Service

3. The Little Extras

1. Better Pricing

Our pricing policies ensure that you get items for less than you would anywhere else: at a physical store, from the manufacturer, from other online pet stores or from generalist stores like Amazon or Wayfair.




⦁ Almost all of our items have their baseline price at MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) - this is the absolutely lowest price at which manufacturers allow their items to be listed anywhere. Then, on top of that, you get our store-wide discounts. The result: unbeatable low prices on every single item.

⦁ We also offer a well-known Price-match Guarantee. We don't think you'll find our items for less anywhere on the web - but if you do, Sherlock Holmes, then we will happily refund you the difference, even after your purchase.



⦁ We have volume discounts based on how much you buy. The larger your order, the higher your discounts. This applies to everything sold in the store.

⦁ Combine discounts across multiple brands. When your order includes multiple brands, you take advantage of store-wide discounts that apply to all your items - this type of combined discounting would naturally not be available if you bought each item from each individual manufacturer, or from larger retailers like Wayfair or Amazon.

⦁ It's not just on Black Friday. At Pet Pro Supply Co., there is always a store-wide sale. When we discount the whole store, you get discounts on every single item you buy, not just what's on sale.


Flat Rate Shipping

⦁ We pay for shipping on orders over $499, regardless of where in the country the order is being shipped. We cover the shipping cost, so that you get a lower total price and never have any surprises related to hidden shipping charges after your purchase.


2. Better Service

We are specialists. Our company was built to focus exclusively on supplies for pet professionals and on premium pet supplies for pet parents. This narrower focus allows us to provide benefits we know you care about and gives us several advantages in serving you:




⦁ Our team knows our merchandise inside and out, and can help you with any questions or issues you may have with our items. For contrast, try calling Amazon or Wayfair and asking a really specific question about the dog crate you want to buy, from among their billions of items.




⦁ We offer easy-to-use financing options such as so that you can buy now and pay later. You can pay for your purchases over time, over as long as 12 months. We know that premium pet supplies are expensive!

⦁ For larger purchases (over $10,000), we have partnered with Approve by Kwipped and First American Equipment Finance to give you easy access to as much long-term equipment financing as you need.



⦁ Are you an institutional buyer, such as an university, a non-profit, a municipal government, a hospital, a school district or a police department? Are you worried that your purchase process is bureaucratic? Fear not. We can and do work with your process. RFPs, POs, tax-exempt forms, registrations with state organizations, even taking checks in the mail - we do not reject your order and we are not afraid of bureaucracy. Our team has experience serving institutions just like yours, all around the country.




⦁ 100% of the items bought from our store are eligible for Order Protection. This means that for as low as 1.5% of your purchase price, you can ensure your purchase is safe from damage, loss or theft.




⦁ Our store has earned the EV Security Certification, the highest level of SSL certification available for e-commerce today.
⦁ We are monitored and certified in real time by BuySafe, a global leader in cybersecurity. We pay for and give you a BuySafe Shopping Guarantee certificate with every single purchase from our store, at no cost to you, no matter how small or large your order.




⦁ Our extremely positive product and shop reviews don’t lie. Our customers are happy with our service and with the products we offer. We maintain a 5-star average with over 900 verified buyer reviews on the Judge.me platform. A verified review is a review by a customer that bought that item from our store, not elsewhere on the Internet.


3. The little extras

If you buy with your heart too, and not just your wallet…




⦁ We donate supplies, provide extra discounts and help market numerous animal welfare causes, large and small. By buying from us, you help subsidize our contributions to them.




⦁ We are proud to be a 100% American-owned company.
⦁ Through our store we help other American businesses succeed. We partner with several startups in the pet industry and allow them to leverage our resources to grow.
⦁ A large number of our manufacturing partners are family-owned generational businesses in small towns all across America. 100% of our products ship from inside the US, and a vast majority of our suppliers make their products domestically in the USA. We proudly display the "Made in the USA" logo on all product pages where it is applicable.



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